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Brushing teeth in children is important

The oral hygiene and the brushing of the teeth in children is extremely important, starting with the first tooth. A good dental hygiene in childhood lays the foundation for healthy teeth and healthy gums for a lifetime. For children to have fun with brushing, there are special toothbrushes and toothpast for children.

Brushing teeth from the first tooth

As soon as the shoot has the first tooth, one should start with the oral hygiene of the child at the latest. Some even advise gently massaging the gums with a soft brush before the baby adapts to the future brushing.

If the baby has finally teeth, you have to clean them. There are special toothbrushes for children who have a small head and very soft bristles. In addition, one should use a toothpaste for children and apply very little of it to the toothbrush so that the small children do not swallow too much of it.

How are children's teeth cleaned?

When brushing the teeth, it is not so much the duration of the brushing, but much more that all areas of the teeth are cleaned. It is best to start with the occlusal surfaces, then clean the inside of the teeth and finally the outer sides. However, this can be adapted individually and the sequence can be carried out as desired.

For brushing teeth, a special child toothbrush with soft bristles and a small head that reaches all corners of the mouth should be used. In addition, a special toothpaste is advisable for children, which is good on the one hand and is not too sharp, on the other hand, and on the other hand contains fluoride, which strengthens the teeth and prevents tooth decay.

It is important to brush the children's teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Exceptions should not be made, since the child should really get used to this daily routine and thus should learn that the brushing is a very important part of the body care.

Why is teeth brushing so important to children?

Teeth brushing in children is so important because it is the foundation for the future health of the teeth and gums. On the one hand, children learn how important dental care is by brushing their teeth every day, and then continue this routine independently even if they are old enough. On the other hand strong, healthy milk teeth are important for the development of the jaw bone and permanent teeth. Thus, if children have major problems with the milk teeth, the following teeth will also be more susceptible to tooth decay, etc.

When can a child clean the teeth himself?

With about seven years, when the child has learned to write properly, it is also able to clean the teeth themselves. The reason for this is that the child has the necessary fine motor skills at the age, in order to carry out the cleaning movements cleanly and the teeth so thoroughly.

What to do if the child does not want to brush the teeth?

Many children have no desire to brush their teeth or to clean them themselves. As a parent, you should not let this go through and brush on the daily brushing. Some tricks to make the child's tooth brushing more palatable is e.g. A delicious toothpaste. Try different toothpastes until your child has found his favorite toothpaste that tastes good. Similarly, a child-sized colorful toothbrush should be used to make brushing even more fun.

In addition, you can use your child to view picture books on tooth brushing or sing songs with the appropriate text.

It also helps if you brush your teeth at the same time and maybe even let your child clean them. Then, in turn, you are allowed to clean the teeth of your child.

Many children also like to look at the teeth brushing in the mirror.

Bring your child to laugh, then the mouth is already open and you can fix your teeth.

Put the teeth in a fixed routine, e.g. When going to bed, so that it is not questioned at all and it has to be carried out as a matter of course every day.

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