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Baby Wipes

Gentle baby wipes for cleaning baby skin and more

The cleaning cloths for babies are particularly practical when you are on the road. Thanks to their handy packaging, they can easily be stored in a bag. The individual towels can often be pulled out with one hand if necessary and are thus super-practical for the use. In addition to cleaning the diaper area, they also help clean the hands and face of the child.

The use of baby wipes

Baby wipes are mainly used to clean the baby's diaper area. The wipes dissolve dirt from the skin and gently care for it. Many parents use a wet washcloth at home to clean the Babypo. Wet wipes are a very good alternative, especially on the road, as they can be transported easily and cleanly. They are also ready for use, without running water. Moist cloths are also more hygienic than a washcloth, since they are only used once and can be disposed of in the garbage.

Baby wipes are also suitable to wipe the little one's hands and face when they are dirty.

Disposal considerations: The cleaning tissues for babies should always be disposed of in the garbage and never in the toilet since they can clog them.

More tips and tricks with baby wipes

As with the baby powder, there are now many other areas of application for wet wipes, they remove dirt not only from the baby skin, but also clean spots from clothing and dirt on furniture or the floor, such as crayons or ballpoint pencils. Some also swear to clean grease residues in the kitchen with baby wipes. The hood is about to be cleaned again after cleaning with cleaning towels for babies again.

In addition to the cleaning of textiles and pieces of furniture, the wet wipes have also discovered for themselves as a make-up remover for themselves, and they now prefer to use normal scrubbing tissues.

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In our shop you can buy baby wipes online, no matter what purpose. We carry in our range sensitive cleaning cloths without alcohol from the brands Malizia and milmil.