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Skin care for babies and children

The proper skin care of babies and children is an important part of general body care. A good skin care starts at bathing, showering and washing hands. It is important that always appropriate products are used especially for babies and children. After washing, the skin care with an appropriate skin care product such as a cream, lotion or baby oil is important to protect the skin from drying out.

Skin cream and lotions for babies and children

Particularly with dry skin, it is important to use a skin cream or babylotion to provide the necessary moisture to the delicate baby or children's skin. Dry baby skin or children's skin can lead to itching, a feeling of tension of the skin, irritation and even inflammation. That is why it is important to keep the skin of your child always nicely hydrated. Beautiful moisturized skin means that your baby is comfortable and happy.

Baby oils for relaxing baby baths

Baby oils are particularly suitable for relaxing baby baths. These massages do both the baby well, as well as the mother or the father, because the connection with her baby is thereby more intense. Both sides get to know each other better, develop a sense of belonging and relax. Babies who regularly receive a baby massage are more relaxed, sleep better and are more curious. A babymassage is definitely good for the development and health of the baby.
In our assortment we offer various baby oils from Johnson's Baby and Malizia Baby which are suitable for a baby massage. Some of them contain nourishing active ingredients such as aloe vera.

Find the right care products for babies and children

In our Onlineshop you have a wide selection of skin care products for babies and children. From skin creams to baby lotions to baby oils, you will find everything you need. The brands we offer include Johnson's Baby, Malizia Baby and Fissan. You can also find other care products for babies and children under the main category Baby & Child.