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Candle Tarts

Wonderful scented candle tarts

In the world of scented candles, tarts are widespread. The small round talons are no match for their big siblings, the scented candles. Candle tarts are available in all imaginable sceneries and therefore create a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere at home.

What is a scented tart?

In the world of aromatic candles, a tart is a generally flat taler of fragrant wax. This taler looks a bit like a small flat cake and therefore the tarts also have their name. Tart means translated pie. A fragrance candle does not have a wick and therefore can not be ignited. To make it fragrant, you need a special scent lamp.

How to use a tart

The candle tarts can not be used without tools. To use them, you need a corresponding scent lamp. The fragrant tarts are then simply placed in the bowl of a scent lamp. You can either enter the whole taler or just a little bit of it. The tealight below ensures that the tart slowly melts in the dish, spreading a pleasant scent.

What are the benefits of candle tarts?

The advantage of a tart is that it is much smaller than a scent candle and nevertheless smells very intensively. Due to the fact that the tarts are so small, they do not cost as much as large scented candles and therefore are also perfect as "testers". If you are fond of buying a large housewarmer, but you are not sure if you like the smell or if you have chosen several, and you are not sure what to do, the small tarts are perfect to try the fragrances.

Another advantage of tarts is that you do not have to melt the whole tart all at once. It is enough to break a small corner and put it into the scent lamp. They are therefore ideal for rapid and short fragrance generation. You do not have to burn them for hours, so they start to pool.

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