Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush for a professional wet shave

Shaving brushes are made of different materials, both for the brush hair and for the brush handles. The hair of the shaving brush consists either of synthetic bristles, pig bristles or roof hair. The material for the handle can be plastic, wood or metal. There are also shaving brushes in various sizes.

How do shaving brushes differ in size?

The most important measure of the brush is the ring dimension. A small brush usually has an annular dimension of 19 mm, a medium-sized shaving brush of 21 mm, and a large brush has a dimension of over 23 mm.

What is the difference between the different brush hairs?

A shaving brush with synthetic bristles is nowadays hardly distinguishable from Echthaarpinseln. In addition, they are often longer lasting, while foaming not so sensitive and very easy to care for. An important point of the shaving brush with synthetic hair is the animal friendliness.

The shaving brush with pork bristles is characterized by slightly firmer bristles, which when applying the shaving foam to the skin for a gentle pleasant massage.

The roofsharon is very soft. The foam can be absorbed well with these brushes and distributed on the face.

The handles of the shaving brush

Whether a metal handle, a wood or a plastic handle is preferred, as is the case with the brush bristles also taste. However, it is important in all cases that the handle of the shaving brush is well in the hand, so that the shaving soap can be easily foaming and the foam can be spread evenly and precisely in the face.

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