Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush

Shaving brush for a professional wet shave

Shaving brushes are available in different materials, both in terms of the brush hairs and the brush handles. The hairs of the shaving brushes are either synthetic bristles, pig bristles or badger hair. The material for the handle can be plastic, wood, resin or metal. There are also shaving brushes in different sizes.

How do the shaving brushes differ in size?

The most important measure for shaving brushes is the so-called ring gauge. A small shaving brush usually has a ring gauge of 19 mm, a medium-sized shaving brush 21 mm and a large brush over 23 mm.

What is the difference between the different brush hairs?

A shaving brush with synthetic bristles is nowadays hardly distinguishable from real hair brushes and a great alternative. In addition, they often last longer, are not as sensitive when lathered and are also very easy to care for. An important advantage of shaving brushes with synthetic hair is of course that they are animal-friendly.

The shaving brush with pig bristles is characterised by slightly firmer bristles, which ensure a light and pleasant massage when applying the shaving foam to the skin.

Shaving brushes with badger hair are very soft. The lather is easily absorbed by these brushes and spread on the face. There are three different quality levels of badger hair.

The quality levels of badger hair

Stick hair or stick plucking (Pure Badger): The entry-level class for badger hair
Stockhair from the undercoat of the badger has a consistent structure and is usually characterized by its dark color. It is extracted from the dark peritoneum of the badger, which is almost always available. The stock hair is robust, but softer and more pleasant than, for example, pig bristle.

Plucked Hair (Best Badger): The middle class with badger hair
Plucked hair is usually obtained from the back of the badger and the fibre tapers towards the tips. It is very elastic and suitable for all skin and soap types.

Silvertip: The upper class for badger hair
The fine and pointed ends of the badger's winter coat are usually recognizable by the silver tip. Since it is only found in winter fur, it is correspondingly less available. The silver tip is absolutely gentle on the skin and distributes the soap even more finely between the stubbles. Silver plucked shaving brushes are especially recommended for sensitive skin, as the soft hairs prepare the facial skin optimally.

The handles of the shaving brushes

Whether you prefer a metal handle, one made of wood, resin or plastic is a matter of taste, just like with brush bristles. In all cases, however, it is important that the handle of the shaving brush lies well in the hand so that the shaving soap can be easily lathered and the lather distributed evenly and precisely on the face.

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