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Bionatura Nesti

The Bio Natura series by Nest Dante

Luxury from nature, natural, sustainable, organic, vegan and enriched with organic care substances: Nesti Dante Bio Natura has it in itself! The list of organic premium ingredients could be extended as desired. In any case, they are allergenic and EDTA-free and come without any petrochemical, sulfate, synthetic additives, parabene, glycols or mineral oils. There must be pure purity from nature.

In Bio Natura, Nesti Dante uses exclusively skin-friendly, vegan and fair-tradeed sustainable crops which are not tested on animals. The philosophy of the company is also reflected in the decorative packaging and makes it clear that luxury and responsible action are by no means mutually exclusive. The high-quality and lovingly printed paper is of course recyclable. Nesti-Dante fans underscore their positive attitude towards humans, animals, nature and the environment.

The fragrant nursing soap in reink cultivation is available in three seductive variants: ginseng and barley, argan oil and wild hay as well as wild raspberry and nettle. All fragrances are good to the skin and good to the environment! Care with a clear conscience.