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ZoŽ Ayla Beauty

A Canadian family business conquers the world

Beauty and wellness products at affordable prices - that's what the ZoŽ Ayla brand stands for. Behind the brand is creative director and entrepreneur ZoŽ Ayla Roukema, who founded the company in Canada with her brother Quinn Roukema in 2014. Since then, the two have worked together to continue building the brand and have made it their mission to make beauty and wellness products accessible to all.dambiro

Because after travelling the globe, living in different climates and dealing with everyday environmental stresses, founder ZoŽ Ayla has made wellness and self-care her priority. Taking time for herself and doing something good for herself became a lifestyle and not just a routine. And that is exactly what the brand wants to pass on to its customers.

The brand's products are now sold and loved worldwide. And the company members are proud to drive the brand's development and innovations, constantly enriching the range with new innovative wellness and beauty products. This makes body care even more fun!dambiro