Yankee Candle the world best loved candles 2 Items

Yankee Candle the world best loved candles

Yankee Candle - The worlds best Loved candle

At dambiro.de, the official specialist dealer of Yankee Candle, you will find the entire candle assortment of the popular brand, tailored to the respective season or for the daily life.

Since 1969, Yankee Candle has been manufacturing high-quality fragrance candles with cotton pots and real fragrance oils. They are expertly mixed with master perfumery by the master perfumers, who catch the character of each season in a unique way.

Go on a discovery trip with the luxurious scents of Yankee Candle. Choose between flowery, fruity, fresh or sweet fragrances and relax.

Yankee Candle works with particular dedication and attaches great importance to good quality. Over generations the high craftsmanship has been passed on, which has led the brand to high reputation and popularity.

But despite the traditional past, Yankee Candle continues to evolve and is always one step ahead. Constantly looking for new fragrances and flavors that evoke pleasant memories and experiences of daily life.

With a unique level, Yankee Candle catapulted itself to the forefront of the industry.

Authentic and true-to-life fragrances with essential oils derived from essential oils, that is the benchmark of this unique brand. All fragrances are strictly tested and tested by an experienced team.

For Yankee Candle it is never enough to be good, it must be exactly what you expect.

All fragrance categories from Yankee Candle at a glance
Fresh: Like freshly washed sheets. An invigorating sea breeze or the natural aroma of herbs. These fragrances arouse a familiar feeling of freshness. This category also includes the popular fragrances Clean Cotton, Soft Blanket and Fluffy Towels.

Floral: Like a flowering sea in spring. These fragrances spray over beautiful, seductive décor of fresh, fragrant garden flowers. Very popular in this category are the fragrances Fresh Cut Roses, Lovely Kiku and Honey Blossom.

Fruit: from berry bushes to lemon hains. These delicious fragrances catch the juicy, sweet and bitter aromas of sun-matured fruits. These include, among others, Mango Peach Salsa, Cranberry Pear and Pink Dragonfruit.

Food & Spice: From fragrant baked goods to precious spices. These irresistibly delicious aromas create a cozy, homey atmosphere. Especially delicious are the fragrances Strawberry Buttercream, Vanilla Cupcake and Cinnamon Stick.

Helpful tips to enjoy your Yankee Candle for longer
Shorten the wick
The wick should permanently have a length between 3-5mm, even at the first use! If smoke builds up during burning, remove the candle, shorten the wick, remove any stains, and re-light the candle.

Wax Pool
Every time you light your candle, let the entire surface of the wax become liquid to get the most intense fragrance. This also prevents tunneling.

Safe burning
Always use your candle on a heat-resistant surface, avoid air drafts and keep the candle out of reach of children and animals. Never leave the burning candle unattended.

time to say goodbye
If only 1.5cm of wax is left, it is time to separate from your candle. For the careful removal of candles we recommend the use of a candle extinguisher.

votive candles

Votive candles are intended to be completely liquefied and therefore may only be used in suitable holders, never freed.

Wax Melts
Place a tart in a suitable Melt Warmer and light the incandescent tea light underneath.

Burning times of Yankee candle candles
Classic glass candle (large): 110-150 hours
Classic glass candle (medium): 65-90 hours
Classic glass candle (small): 25-40 hours
Votives: Up to 15 hours
Fragrance Tealight: 4-6 hours
Wax Tarts: approx. 8 hours of scent per tart