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WoodWick Candles

WoodWick® - The high-quality scented candles provide pure cosiness

A unique experience for the senses! The special feature of the innovative WoodWick candles is the exclusive wick made of natural wood, which crackles atmospherically when the candle burns down. So you can enjoy the soothing sound of a crackling fire in any home even without a fireplace. Combined with an elegant design and unique scents, the stylish WoodWick candles indulge the senses.

Carefully selected raw materials combined with excellent craftsmanship make the candles into products of the highest quality. The high-quality paraffin and soy waxes of the candles allow a beautiful and even burning. The highly concentrated fragrances are also carefully selected and tested so that the candles fill the room with a long-lasting and pleasant scent.


The atmospheric candles are available in different versions:

Hourglass Candle
The version with the characteristic hourglass shape is available in three sizes. Its elegant design is a tasteful style element for any living room and thanks to its large opening, an even release of fragrance is possible. The patented cross-shaped Pluswick® wooden wick provides an atmospheric crackling sound when burning.

Small glass (85 g):
Dimensions: width 7 cm x depth 7 cm x height 8,3 cm
Burning time: up to 30 hours

Medium glass (275 g):
Dimensions: width 9.9 cm x depth 9.9 cm x height 11.4 cm
Burning time: up to 60 hours

Large glass (610 g):
Dimensions: width 10.2 cm x depth 10.2 cm x height 17.8 cm
Burning time: 110 - 120 hours

Ellipse Candle
This candle simulates the warming cosiness of a burning fireplace. Because the patented Hearthwick® wooden wick creates a long, dancing flame and an atmospheric crackling sound. The intense and pleasant scents are combined with a stylish elliptical design.

Dimensions: width 12 cm x depth 19 cm x height 9.2 cm
Burning time: 30 - 40 hours

Trilogy Candle
The Trilogy collection offers scent combinations of three different scent layers that create a unique scent experience when the individual layers merge with each other. It is available in large and medium Hourglass and selected fragrances also as an Ellipse candle. The respective wooden wick provides a pleasant crackling sound when the candles are burned.

Petite Candle
The small candles are perfect to try and test the fragrances. The small version also has a patented Pluswick® wooden wick that creates an atmospheric crackling sound.

Dimensions: width 6.4 cm x depth 6.4 cm x height 2.9 cm
Burning time: 6 - 8 hours


WoodWick candles are a successful combination of scented candles and a crackling open fire. This creates even more cosiness and relaxation!