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Water soluble Fragrance

Millefiori® Water-soluble Fragrances

Small drops, big effect! The water-soluble fragrances of Millefiori dissolve completely in water in just a few moments and fill the room with a pleasant fragrance. With a large selection of different fragrances, there is something for everyone.

The water-soluble fragrances are packed in an elegant glass bottle with pipette closure, which allows the fragrance to be dosed quickly and easily. Depending on the size of the room and personal taste, the intensity of the fragrance can be easily adjusted by the dosage. The pleasant fragrances give every ambience a special feel-good factor.

The water-soluble fragrances belong to the Natural series. Natural is a linear and colourful line, which gives a special ambience to every home with a multifaceted selection of fragrances. Through the variety of colours and fragrances, the Natural line awakens carefree moments and moments full of relaxed comfort.

The water-soluble fragrances can be used together with Millefiori's ultrasonic diffusers or Lovely Flower diffusers.

"Style has its scent" is the philosophy of the Italian brand Millefiori. Millefiori's high-quality fragrances and stylish home accessories create a special ambience and a very individual atmosphere. This adds a touch of luxury!