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Voluspa Candles

Modern & iconic - scented candles from Voluspa

The iconic scented candles from California! The popular scented candles of the Voluspa brand are made by hand and are characterised by their exquisite scents, their high-quality composition as well as the cool, colourful and self-designed packaging. The high-quality and sometimes rare ingredients come from all over the world and are of the best fragrance quality. Each ingredient contributes to an exclusive and unique fragrance experience that is characterised by high quality. The founders describe their products as follows: "Voluspa is real handmade Californian luxury!"dambiro

Behind the American brand are founders Traci and Troy Arntsen, who handmade the first Volsupa candles in their Californian kitchen some 20 years ago. Today, Voluspa is a reflection of the art, beauty and culture that inspired the founders on their travels. Traci's passion for botany and essential oils, combined with her expertise in fragrance, allows them to blend their own scents with the best ingredients, sustainably sourced from around the world. Troy's passion for travel, his business acumen and their ability to seize the right opportunity have made the brand a global leader in luxury scented candles.

The name Voluspa, by the way, comes from an old Norse poem about the creation of the world out of chaos. Just like the chaos in the kitchen from which the first scented candles were made. Beauty is often born out of great passion!dambiro