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Toothpaste for thorough tooth cleaning

A toothpaste is necessary to perform a thorough cleaning of the teeth. The toothpaste helps to prevent tooth decay, as well as removing dental plaque and other deposits from the teeth. There are different toothpaste varieties to meet every need. From universal toothpaste to toothpaste for sensitive teeth to whitening toothpaste, everything can be found.
Why is toothpaste so important for tooth cleaning?

For a good tooth cleaning, toothpaste is essential. Due to its texture and its ingredients, it ensures hygienically clean teeth and a radiant white smile. In addition, a toothpaste can strengthen the tooth floss and prevent tooth decay.
The most common ingredients of a toothpaste

Fluorids: Most toothpastes contain fluoride and this is also good, because it hardens the molten tooth and prevents caries.

Triclosan: Some toothpastes contain triclosan. This is an antibacterial agent which prevents inflammation of the gums or reduces existing inflammations.

Pyrophosphate: This is an active ingredient which prevents or prevents the formation of a dental stone by counteracting the mineralization of the plaque.
Potassium compounds: These help with sensitive teeth and ensure that fine cracks are closed and a protective film is formed.

Cleaning particles: To ensure that the toothpaste can actually remove the dental plaque from the teeth, it contains cleaning agents. This is usually a powder that rubs the teeth when brushing teeth and thus frees them from deposits.
Did you know?

Before the toothpaste was invented, the people have cleaned their teeth with powder. The so-called toothpowder fulfilled the purpose of today's cleaning bodies in the toothpaste. To clean the teeth with the toothpowder, one moistened his finger a little and dunked him into the powder, which then hung on the finger. Then rub the finger over the teeth. So deposits and soiling were removed. As an alternative to the finger one also took a moistened wooden stick.
Buy the right toothpaste online

In our shop you will find a wide selection of toothpaste that you can buy online. In our range we offer universal toothpaste, toothpaste for sensitive teeth, white toothpaste as well as special toothpaste for children and smokers. We offer toothpast from brands such as Pasta del Capitano, Marvis, Durban's, Benefit, Blanx and Perlax.