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Heavenly scented tealights

Tealights are true all-round talents because they are so versatile. This is why it is almost always necessary to have at least one pack of tealights at home in your home. If it is then also fragrant tealights, like the Yankee Candle, this is, of course, perfect.

Fragrant tealights as an alternative to large houseworms

Fragrant tea lights are a real alternative to large scented candles, which are also called housewarmer. The small tealights can be used very decorative and versatile. They can be distributed wonderfully in the room, thus not only giving a fragrance evenly distributed over the room but also illuminating it romantically.

Not only fragrance but also decoration

The small fragrant candles have, of course, the standard size of tea lights and thus fit into all decoration elements provided for them, such as votive glasses or tea light holders. The scented candles transform your votive glass decoration not only into real eye-catchers, but also leave them wonderfully fragrant. So it is easy to care with the fragrant tealights for a pleasant atmosphere and a comfortable ambience at home.

Combine fragrances with each other

In addition, the tealights can also be combined with tarts. For the special scent lamp, in which the candle tarts are melted, you finally need a tealight. This tea light can either be a normal normal odorless tea light or even one that smells. Here you can now decide whether you want to combine two fragrances - one would like the fragrance of the tea light and the tart to differ. A combination of two fragrances can be quite fascinating.
By the way, this mixture of two fragrances can also be achieved excellently with several tea lights, which are placed side by side or distributed in the room.

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Browse through our selection of tealights and find the scent that matches your votive glass or fragrance lamp. So you can enjoy your beautiful decoration with all your senses.