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Tcheon Fung Sing Soap

Shaving Soaps by Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS)

Tcheon Fung Sing, also known as TFS, is a manufacturer of shaving soap. Despite the Chinese name, the soap producer is an Italian company, which also produces exclusively in Italy.

Tcheon Fung Sing stands for incredible fragrances

The special feature of the shaving soaps of Tcheon Fung Sing is the variety of fragrances, which are partly very unusual and are rather unusual for shaving soaps. But that is what makes them so popular. If you are looking for an innovative scented shaving soap, Tcheon Fung Sing is the right choice.

Extravagant design

But not only fragrances are very special, but also the designs of the packaging. Many shaving soaps are considered to be true collectors, thanks to their appearance and tempt you to buy a whole shaving line.

Fantastic foam

When it comes to shaving, the soaps of TFS are also very far ahead. Connoisseurs praise her for the utmost pleasure because of her delicate lush foam and the resulting excellent results, not to mention the wonderfully extravagant fragrance.

Classic shaving soaps

To all the skeptics, who are unfriendly and unfriendly, it is said that some of the shaving soaps of Tcheon Fung Sing also smell quite simply after mild bitter almond or fresh menthol.