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Body Powder

One of the oldest personal care products.
Body Powder nourishes the skin, making it silky more. scented it ... simply gorgeous and powdery.

Body powder as we know it today sees the light of day in 1878 in Florence.
Sir Henry Roberts presented the results of his experiment of interaction between talc and boric acid:
the advantages of both elements are on the skin = antiperspirant, soothing and antiseptic.

The composition of body powder

The fine powder with boric acid disinfects and soothes the skin.
The greatest merit of body powder is its absorption capacity, especially when it comes to the skin of babies and children need the mild and non aggressive skin care.

Body powder has the property to keep the skin dry without stop breathing pores of the skin.
Most people remember with use of talcum powder on his own childhood.
The moments of a hot bath, a soft and fluffy pajamas and the subtle scent of the powder have so many Baby
accompanied into slumber sleep.

At the beginning of its history body powder smelled clinically antiseptic.
Nowadays, boric acid has been replaced by other elements that are still skin-friendly, such as
- Magnesium carbonate which has an absorbing function.
- Zinc oxide protects the skin against irritation.
- Zinc undecylenate for preventing and combating fungi.

Most manufacturers distinguish between talc for the body and talc for children.
The difference is quite obvious,
in the body powders for adults usually lavender or mint come for a cooling effect added,
in children Zinc oxide is usually added to fight skin redness.

Areas of application of talcum powder

Foremost body powder is used to make the skin softer be.
After the shower or a relaxing bath, it dries the skin quickly, leaving it soft and supple are a powdery scent.

It is usually used after a shower or after a relaxing bath.
The immediate effect is a dry skin soft and fragrant.

Body Powder is regarding the ideal partner. Daily cleaning of infants especially in the diaper area.
Body powder protects the delicate baby skin from irritation and prevents against the flushing of the skin
For existing redness body powder acts as a desiccant. It reduces thanks to its formula the redness,
reduces the burning of the skin and reduces skin friction.