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Sunscreen for children

Children's skin is particularly delicate and delicate, because it is still very thin at a young age and the high UV protection has not yet developed. This is why children need special sun protection.

The skin remembers everything, even a sunglass, which one had as a child once. Too many of these harmful events accumulate in the memory of the skin, which can lead to skin cancer. Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of the skin even before the harmful UV-radiation.

What kind of sunscreen is there for children?

For children, there is sun protection with a particularly high light protection factor, in order to protect the young skin efficiently from the sun. Sunscreens are often used as a spray, because the application is easier and also more fun. In addition, the packaging is also designed for children so that they can enjoy the product and enjoy it. It is important to use a special sunscreen for children, so that the sensitive skin is not unnecessarily stressed.

Avoid direct sun exposure in very small children

In the first year of life, children should avoid the direct sun. A place in the shade is appropriate for the little ones and clothes that protect against UV rays. The use of a sunscreen should also be avoided in the first year of life, as this would put too much strain on the young skin.

A good example

In order to accustom children to sun protection clothing, a place in the shade and finally also to apply sunscreen to the sun, one should set an example as an adult. In front of the children's eyes you should not spend hours in the blazing sun and maybe even without suncream. Children are eager for adults and look at almost everything from them. Therefore, and of course also for your own skin protection, it is important to protect yourself also from the sun, by regularly dressing, shading, a hat etc. for protection.

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