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Stirling Soap Company USA

Sterling Soap Company - Natural Products made in the USA

Natural & healthy products at affordable prices! The products of the American Sterling Soap Company stand for naturalness as well as fair and affordable prices.dambiro

The Arkansas-based company was founded in 2012 by the owners Roderick and Amanda Lovan. A trip through Scotland had whetted Rod and Mandy's appetite for natural and pure products. Soap in the supermarket at home was cheap to get, but didn't have much to do with naturalness. And truly natural products were simply expensive. This gave them a business idea: natural products that are good for the skin and the health of the whole family, but at the same time should be affordable for everyone. The Sterling Soap Company was founded with this goal in mind and is still pursuing it today.

The company's handmade soaps contain high-quality, natural ingredients that simply feel wonderful on the skin and do not dry it out. All the ingredients of the soaps are completely harmless for both the users and the environment. For example, only sustainable palm oil is used, which does not lead to deforestation or the destruction of animal habitats. Most Sterling Soap soaps are 100% natural. To keep the price affordable, some of the soaps do contain synthetic fragrance oils - but always guaranteed safe and vegan-friendly.

As well as the ingredients in the products, the company is keen to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Labels made from 100% post-consumer waste are used wherever possible. Many products have packaging made from biolefin, a plastic that naturally degrades into biomass within 2 to 5 years, whereas conventional plastic takes hundreds of years to do so. And shredded newspapers, cardboard boxes and used paper are often used as packaging and filling material - simply to protect the environment and keep costs down at the same time.dambiro

Sterling Soap Company's natural soaps make you feel clean, invigorated and alive. And the range now includes many other personal care products besides soaps - always natural & affordable!