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Proper showers for optimal body care

Most of us do it every day: take a shower. Unlike bathing, showering is relatively quick. And you should also follow a few rules when showering, so that the skin does not dry out.

Tips for the right shower

Not too hot: When taking a shower, make sure that the water is not too hot, as too hot water attacks the skin and dries it out. The optimum water temperature for showering is lukewarm. It is ideal to finish showering with cold water.

Not too long: Surely it is pleasant to just stand under the warm shower for a while and let the water trickle down on you. Still, you shouldn't overdo it. Taking too long a shower can also dry out and damage the skin. The ideal shower duration should not exceed ten minutes.

Not too often: Although most people probably shower daily, you shouldn't actually do that. Every second day is completely sufficient, if one did not dedicate oneself exactly to sudorific activities. Too frequent showering can attack the protective acid mantle of the skin. This can result in extremely dry skin, itching, eczema and other skin diseases. So if the shower breaks down in one day, it's no big deal. On the contrary, it's even good for the skin. To still feel fresh, a cat wash of the armpits, intimate area and feet is sufficient to avoid unwanted body odour.

The right shower gel: When showering, you should also use a suitable shower gel that is tailored to your skin type. For very dry skin it is recommended to use shower oils or shower creams enriched with oils. For very sensitive skin a mild soap can also be used.

The right body care after showering

After showering, it is important to continue protecting the skin from drying out and moisturizing it. For this it is recommended to use a body lotion, body cream or body butter. These products care for the skin extensively and give it moisture, which it can store all day long.

An alternative to the classic body lotions is the use of body powder. The body powder contains nourishing oils that also moisturize the skin. It also protects against moisture such as sweat and keeps the skin dry. It also gives a pleasant fragrance. These properties enable the body powder to replace the body lotion and the deodorant.

Buying the right shower gel

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