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Shaving Foam

Shaving foam for a quick and practical shave

If you decide to use the wet razor, you need a shaving razor or a shaving foam as well as a razor blade or a razor blade with a razor blade. Shaving soap is the classic variant for the traditional wet shave, but its application is a little time-consuming. The fast and effective alternative to shaving soap is the shaving foam.

The benefits of shaving foam

Shaving foam does not need to foam in a crucible. You do not need a shaving brush to make the foam, because the shaving foam is already ready for use from the can. This, in turn, makes the use of shaving foam very time-saving. Shaving cream is perfect when it needs to be a bit faster in the morning.

How is shaving foam used?

The use of shaving foam is very simple. First, the can in which the foam is located is shaken well and firmly. Thereafter, an appropriate amount of the shaving foam from the can is pressed into the palm of the hand. From there, spread the foam evenly over the areas to be shaved. The skin does not have to be wet. After a short exposure time, shaving can start immediately.

Is shaving with shaving foam thorough?

If everything is so easy and fast with shaving foam, you may wonder if there is a catch. But there is not. Shaving foam can be normal shaving soap without any problems the water. A wet shave with shaving foam is as thorough and smooth as with a conventional shaving soap. Whether you prefer the traditional shaving soap or just the modern shaving foam is simply a matter of taste and attitude.

Does skin shave the skin?

A good shaving foam also contains nourishing ingredients so that the skin is smooth and well hydrated after shaving. If you have very sensitive skin, you can use a special shaving foam that is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and meets your needs.

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