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Shaving Sets

Shaving sets as a practical kit or trendy gift idea

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional. Our razor sets make the hearts of razor lovers beat faster. With the sets you can get a starter kit for the wet razor or just have a stylish shaving set for advanced shaving. Also as a gift make the shaving sets a lot.

Various shaving sets

A shaving set is a practical thing because you do not have to buy everything individually. In a shaving set, e.g. a shaving brush along with a crucible. So you can hit two birds with one stone when it comes to buying all the tools for the classic wet shave. But it is even better. We even offer sets that contain both the shaving brush and the crucible and shaving planes. A complete set to start with the wet shave.

As for shaving soaps and aftershaves etc., we also offer practical and above all cheap sets at Our well thought-out shaving sets save you the trouble of looking for individual products. Through our many years of experience, we know which products are best suited and matched, both with respect to the fragrance, as well as the skin compatibility and the suitability for skin type.

A shaving set is the perfect gift for men

Do you know that? Is a birthday coming to you? Christmas, Father's Day, Anniversary or Valentine's Day? Before such special days, the question is always what is best to be bestowed upon? Perfume is, of course, a classic, which you can always give to every occasion, but sometimes you just want to make a special pleasure. And here, the stylish shaving sets come into play, which make the daily wet shave more than just a duty exercise, namely, a true lifestyle. Especially now, when this kind of shaving is full again and is celebrated everywhere, a chic shaving set is the perfect gift idea for real men.