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Shaving Sets

Shaving sets as practical kit or trendy gift idea

Whether beginner or professional. Our shaving sets make the hearts of shaving lovers beat faster. With the sets you can get a starter kit for wet shaving or simply a chic shaving set for advanced shaving. The shaving sets are also a great gift.

Various shaving sets

A shaving set is a practical thing, because you don't have to buy everything separately. A shaving set contains, for example, a shaving brush together with a crucible. So you kill two birds with one stone when it comes to buying all the utensils for a classic wet shave. But it gets even better. We even offer sets that include both the shaving brush and the jar and razor plane. A complete set to start with the wet shave.


As far as shaving soaps and aftershaves are concerned, we also offer practical and above all affordable sets on Our carefully selected shaving sets save everyone the hassle of searching for individual products. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know which products go well together and are coordinated with each other, both in terms of fragrance, skin compatibility and suitability according to skin type.


A shaving set is the perfect gift for men

You know it: there is a birthday, Christmas or Father's Day coming up and you simply have no idea what you could give as a present. Perfume is, of course, a classic that you can give away at any time and on any occasion. But sometimes you just want to make someone happy with something very special. And this is where the practical shaving sets come into play, which make daily wet shaving more than just an obligatory program, namely a real lifestyle. Especially now that this kind of shaving is back in full swing and is celebrated everywhere, a chic shaving set is the perfect gift idea for real men.