Shaving Cream 101 Items

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream for a flexible & comfortable shave

Full flexibility! A shaving cream has a pleasant, soft consistency and can be applied quickly if necessary. The advantage of a shaving cream is that it does not necessarily have to be whipped up and applied with a brush, but can also be applied directly to the face by hand. The shaving cream provides a thin protective film between the razor blade and the skin, which results in less friction and significantly reduces the risk of redness, skin irritation, razor burn or cuts. At the same time, the shaving cream makes the skin and beard hairs beautifully soft before shaving, ensures a pleasant gliding of the blade and thus enables a comfortable and close shave. Enriched with nourishing active ingredients, most shaving creams also have a soothing effect on the skin at the same time.dambiro

Application with a shaving brush

If you want to whip the shaving cream in the classic way with a brush, put a sufficient amount of it directly on the shaving brush and whip the cream in a shaving bowl until a nice, creamy foam is formed. The resulting foam is then applied with the brush to the areas to be shaved. Alternatively, you can wet your face with warm water, apply the shaving cream to your face and then lather and spread it on your face with a wet shaving brush. If you apply the shaving cream with a brush, this has the advantage that the circular movements with the brush straighten the beard hairs, which can then be better captured by the razor blade.dambiro

Application by hand

If you need to shave quickly, you can simply moisten your face with warm water and apply the shaving cream by hand to the areas to be shaved and spread it out. Afterwards, you can start shaving directly.dambiro