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What's a serum?

A serum is a highly concentrated intensive care for the face, which can be applied after cleansing and before the care cream. A serum has always a light texture and can have either a more watery or more gel-like texture.

How does a facial serum work?

Due to their light consistency, serums penetrate particularly quickly and deeply into the skin. The care molecules contained are particularly small and can therefore be absorbed even better than the active ingredients in a cream. Serums are therefore perfectly suited to combat specific skin problems such as pigment spots and pimples.

What's the difference between a serum and a cream?

On the one hand they differ in their consistency and on the other hand in their ingredients. In contrast to most skin care creams, serums usually contain no replenishing substances and thus no ingredients that could make it difficult for the skin care molecules to penetrate deep into the skin.
As a rule, serums are not intended to replace day and night care, but to supplement it, because dry skin in particular needs the moisturising ingredients from skin care creams in order to remain beautiful and healthy. In the case of very oily skin, serums can sometimes replace the cream because the skin already produces enough of its own fat.

How to use a serum properly?

Since serums are highly concentrated, just a few drops are sufficient to care for the entire face and neck.

Step 1: Clean the face as usual and dry the skin well.

Step 2: Apply a drop of serum to each forehead, both cheeks, neck and décolleté and massage the serum into the skin with the fingertips in circular movements.

Step 3: Then apply the usual day or night care.

Finding the right serum

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