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Schulthess Swissmade

Schulthess - Swiss candle craftsmanship since 1978

Scented candles as a passion! Schulthess Kerzenhandwerk has been producing candles by hand in Switzerland since 1978 and attaches great importance to the scents and colours. The friendly company invests a lot of time and love in the selection as well as in the production of their products.dambiro

It all began in a small idyllic cowshed near Bern, where Theo Schulthess started melting wax with ordinary hotplates and pans and then pouring it into moulds. Today, the company is based in Utzenstorf, employs 6 people and is run by Theo Schulthess and his daughter Leonie. Just as 40 years ago, all candles are still made by hand, but now with a professional infrastructure and optimised production processes.

The company attaches great importance to high-quality raw materials and selects the fragrances and colours with the utmost care, taking into account current trends as well as the needs of the customers. Initially, the small company produced unscented stump candles, but over time it became increasingly apparent that the international competition in this field was simply too strong. So Theo Schulthess looked for new ways and finally focused on scented candles, which are produced as normal stump candles and not poured into jars. With success! Since then, the company has been working on the further development of the range twice a year and is passionate about coming up with new fragrance mixtures. A few years ago, in cooperation with the fragrance oil supplier, it was possible to develop a candle range that consists of 100% natural essences and convinces with wonderful fragrances. This new natural line was a great success right from the start and has since been further developed and expanded with much love and care.dambiro