ScentPlug 15 Items


Yankee Candle® ScentPlugTM System

Simply plug in & enjoy! With Yankee Candle's electric ScentPlug system, room fragrances can be used quickly and easily: simply plug the ScentPlug base into the socket with the desired fragrance and a wonderful fragrance flows through the room in no time at all. The system consists of the ScentPlug base for the socket and the bottles filled with scented oil, which are simply inserted into the base.

It's as simple as that: unscrew the lid of the desired fragrance bottle, insert it into the base, plug it into the socket - that's it!

The ScentPlug base is powered by electricity and is suitable for standard 230 Volt household sockets. With the decorative white lampshade it fits to every furnishing style and is a sweet eye-catcher. The basic unit has three levels with which you can regulate the intensity of the fragrance release.

The ScentPlug fragrance refill packs are available separately in many different fragrances. A refill pack contains two bottles that give off their scent for 4 to 6 weeks each.

The Yankee Candle ScentPlug System is an elegant solution to easily insert room fragrances throughout your home - just plug it in and enjoy!