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Fragrance samples and bottlings 

Who has the choice, has the agony. With our large online assortment of fragrances for women, men and children, the selection is not always easy. Especially when you want to test the fragrance first. Therefore, we offer our customers in our shop the attractive service, easy to order samples of various products.

Please note the following instructions for product liability of fillings:

On all samples filled in by us, the filling date is noted.
Please note that the bottling must be consumed within 6 months after the filling date.

Unfortunately, due to lack of space, it is not possible to print the entire ingredients (INCI's) of the original product on the sample container.
If you need the INCI of the products, you can request them by e-mail.
Finally, we would like to emphasize that ingredients in perfumes and cosmetics may cause allergic reactions.
Therefore, we strongly advise against using the products in allergies and assume no liability.
By placing an order of fillings and samples, the exclusion of liability is recognized by the ordering customer.