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Nothing is more in the men's world at the time, than the classic wet razor and the wearing of a beard. Barbershops sprout like fungi from the ground to meet the high demand for beard care and traditional shaving. But for a good beard and face care as well as a good wet shave, one does not always necessarily go into a barbershop. With the right tools and the corresponding products, you can also professionally maintain and style the facial hair at home.

The must-haves for a good beard care

To keep the beard in shape and make it appear neat, some beard care products are necessary.

Beard shampoo: With a beard shampoo you can gently clean your hair. The shampoo gives the beard a pleasant smell and cares for the beard hair. Many beard shampoos also prevent danduffs.

Beard conditioner: The beard conditioner maintains the beard hair by providing it with important nutrients, untangling it and making it supple, which facilitates combing.

Beard oil: Contrary to the conditioner the beard oil is not washed out, but simply massaged into the beard hair. Similar to the conditioner, the beard oil also provides soft hair and easy combability.

Beard wax: The beard wax is not only for mustaches, which one wants to bring into shape, but also for big beards.

Beard comb and beard brush: In order to get a perfect beard in shape and look well-groomed, it is important that it is regularly combed or brushed.

The must-haves a wet shave

The wet shave is now so sophisticated that there are many products for it. There is more than just the classic shaving soap and the aftershave.

Razor: Naturally, nothing goes without the razor and the associated razor blades.

Shaving Brush: To shave with classic shaving soap, you need a shaving brush, with which the shaving soap is foamed.

Bowl: Depending on the type of shaving soap you use, you will need a crucible to froth into it before you can spread it in the face.

Shaving soap: The classic shaving soap for foaming with the brush is available in a firm and soft form. In addition, shaving soaps are now available in many different fragrances.

Pre-Shave: A pre-shave is applied, as the name suggests, before shaving. It prepares the skin and the beard for shaving.

Aftershave: The aftershave is one of the classic products of shaving. It is known to be applied after shaving and ensures freshness and care of the skin. Aftershaves are available in a variety of different perfumes.

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