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Royal Line by aquolina

Royal Line Body Care by Auolina

A touch of elegance for your gourmand side! Highly innovative formulas for the beauty of every woman. Fine fragrances, like delicious desserts combined with delicate flowers. With genuine natural extracts of violet, vanilla, jasmine and green tea.
The precious bath and body cream has a soft texture with a delicate shiny effect on the skin.
The Bath and Body Milk Cream contains the exclusive Biomin Acquacinque, an innovative technology with five registered minerals that are important to the skin's beauty and health:
- Magnesium helps maintain the integrity of tissue structure and elasticity
- Iron optimizes the oxygen supply to the tissue and ensures excellent skin tone.
- Zinc is moisturizing and sebum-regulating
- Copper acts by increasing the production of collagen and elastane as anti-aging
- Silicon helps to renew the connective tissue and the production of collagen