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Romantica soaps

Nesti Dante Romantica Soaps

Higher, faster, farther - in a world full of hustle and bustle, romantic moments of pure luxury. The view of the gently rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside, a gentle pampering for the skin, the smell of lushly blossoming flowering bougues. "Flowers are the smile of the earth," wrote the philosopher Waldo Emerson. For example, floral fragrances represent the largest fragrance family, because with floral fragrances we associate natural, feminine, elegant and timeless fragrance.


The Romantica series by Nesti Dante
In the Romantica series Nesti Dante captures the floral scent of Tuscany in six luxurious soaps. Through the imaginative fusion of two unusual blossom absolutes, six seductive fragrance combinations emerged: sometimes exhilarating with Florentine rose and peony; Or tingling with wild Tuscan lavender and verbena; Or luxurious with royal lily and daffodils. If you like it sensual, you will be delighted by classy cherry blossom and basil, while yellow levkoje (gold lacquer) and fuchsia awaken passion.