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Reed Diffuser Millefiori

Millefiori® Reed Diffusor

Millefiori's Reed diffusers fit stylishly into any living room and exude a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. The room fragrances are available in many different fragrances and give every ambience a special feel-good factor.

The Reed Diffusor is available in different designs and lines:

Natural: A straightforward and colourful line with a multi-faceted choice of fragrances that lends every home a special ambience. With its variety of colours and fragrances, the Natural line evokes carefree moments and moments of relaxed comfort.

Selected: A modern line that allows you to express your personality through unexpected and exciting fragrances in your home. The design with the elegant milk glass bottle adds a touch of style to any ambassador.

Zona: This line pampers the senses with delicate yet sensual fragrances. The gentle aromas create a discreet room fragrance and the puristic elegance of the white design adorn every room with noble understatement.

Via Brera: This line takes its name from a historic and fascinating street in Milan. The refined fragrances of the series, combined with a special and eye-catching design, also fascinate.

"Style has its scent" - this is the philosophy of the Italian brand Millefiori. Millefiori's high-quality fragrances and stylish home accessories create a special ambience and a very individual atmosphere. This adds a touch of luxury!