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1965. Domenico Gianasso, founder of Saponificio Gianasso, turned his passion into a craft producing the first artisanal soaps in a small workshop. It was in the early sixties, a period of economic boom, especially in Liguria, the land of olive trees and ports, where exotic trades mingled with local traditions. These elements gave way to the first productions of soap through the use of olive oil, coconut and palm trees. In the late 1970s, with the emergence and spread of innovative markets such as Erboristico and Natural Stores, the company became a reference point for cosmetics companies active in this sector and in pharmacies.

In 1998 new members joined the company and thus the label Provenzali was born. Based on the philosophy of the brand is still the idea to offer natural, organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics, to improve the craft identity and to make the quality product available to the general public. Thus, Provenzali has become the reference proposal in the natural market of Italian wholesalers.