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The brand I Provenzali

In 1965, Domenico Gianasso, the founder of Saponificio Gianasso, transformed his passion into a craft that produced the first handcrafted soaps in a small workshop. It was the beginning of the sixties, a period of economic boom, especially in Liguria, the land of olive trees and ports, where exotic trades were blended with local traditions. These elements gave way to the first production of soap through the use of olive oil, coconut and palm trees. Towards the end of the seventies, with the emergence and spread of innovative markets such as Erboristico and Natural Stores, the company also became a point of reference for cosmetic companies operating in this sector and in pharmacies.

In 1998, new members joined the company and the I Provenzali label was born. Based on the brand's philosophy, the idea is still to offer natural, organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics, to improve the identity of the artisan and to make the quality product accessible to the general public.

I Provenzali is an exemplary company in the field of environmental protection and sustainability and sets real standards. For example, the company consistently refrains from animal testing in the manufacture of its products and has been certified "Stop Tests On Animals - Cruelty Free" since 2003. This certification guarantees consumers that the entire production chain, from the selection of suppliers and raw materials to the final product, is completely free of animal testing. 
I Provenzali is also a partner of the WWF environmental organisation and the protection of the environment has a special place in the company's policy. The company also produces its products sustainably with its own photovoltaic system, thereby saving CO2 emissions of around 50,000 kg per year.
When it comes to packaging materials and the selection of advertising and printed materials, the company also relies on the use of recycled materials that protect the environment and resources.