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Pre-Shave products for the best preparation for shaving

Especially in the wet razor, a good preparation of the skin on the shaving is very important to avoid skin irritation, small wounds or shaving. Pre-Shave products are ideal for both the skin and the hair, and should therefore always be used before shaving.

What pre-shave products are there?

Pre-Shaves gave it in the form of oils, similar to beard oils, and in the form of pre-shave creams. Can not be told which product is better. This is due to the personal taste and the compatibility of each one.

How does a pre-shave work?

The pre-shave products ensure that the skin is protected by forming a thin film. Through this film, the razor blade slides later over the skin without hurting or irritating it. In addition, the beard hair is set up by the pre-shave, which means that the razor blade can grasp it particularly well when shaving.

What else does a pre-shave product have?

The Pre-Shave products maintain the skin because they contain valuable active ingredients that moisturize the skin. They also smell good and give the skin a pleasant smell.

How is a pre-shave used?

First, the face should be thoroughly cleaned, for example with a wash lotion or a peeling. Usually, the beard hair is then slightly softened, so that it can swell, soften, and thus be easier to cut by the razor blade. This can be best achieved by placing a warm wet cloth on the face. Afterwards, the pre-shave oil or shaving oil or the pre-shave cream can be applied to the facial skin and massaged easily there. Finished is the pre-shave treatment. As usual, the wet shave can be started.

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