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Planet Bamboo

For the love of the environment - 4 Stuttgarters in the fight against plastic waste 

A vision becomes a mission! Behind the sustainable brand Planet Bamboo are the four young Stuttgart-based Jelena, Anton, Lea and Corinna, who share a common goal: to save the world a little bit and rid it of plastic waste.

Because the mountains of garbage and especially the plastic waste, which is a heavy burden on our environment, will not decrease by itself. Therefore Planet Bamboo develops and distributes sustainable and plastic-free products that protect the environment.

How it all began: inspired by the motivation and vision to put their ecological sustainability idea into practice, Jelena and Anton dared to take the step into self-employment in 2016 and founded the brand Planet Bamboo. During their holiday in Taiwan, the two discovered bamboo as a sustainable resource and thus found the starting signal to realize their vision.

Today, the company sells products that are 100% vegan and free of BPA, that do not involve animal testing and that are distinguished by plastic-free packaging.

Incidentally, the company also considers sustainability to include fairness in dealing with people. For this reason, the company only works with suppliers who can prove that they have the appropriate certificates.

In the fight against the mountains of waste, everyone has a choice: do we choose products made of plastic or do we opt for sustainable alternatives that protect our environment? Choosing sustainable and plastic-free products is simply good for our environment. Or as Planet Bamboo puts it: A small step for you, a big one for the environment!