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Pino Silvestre perfumes
Historical brand of Italian perfumery known all over the world. Pino Silvestre was born in 1955.

Since then, how far has covered this fantastic brand, loyal friend of many generations. A compelling story that has lasted for more than 50 years! A name that has become a symbol, a way of life. A brand "friend" known by all, with a consolidated natural elegance, sympathy, which has always met the expectations of consumers. In the scenario of perfumery and toiletry products are really few brands that have a life so fascinating. Pino Silvestre is inspired by the scent of nature, the wonderful feeling you get immersing himself in the clear air of a mountain forest. Older adults have not forgotten the great commercials in which the protagonist was the famous White Horse, a symbol of a harmonious and exuberant vitality, that burst of freshness that only Pino Silvestre can give.