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Phytorelax Laboratories

The origin of the brand

Phytorelax - this brand name already contains its philosophy and stands for wellness and relaxation through the use of functional active ingredients and plant extracts.

The Harbour Natural Cosmetics Company was founded in Bologna, Italy, in the 1980s and from the outset the company's core values have been based on innovation and the culture of natural well-being. In Harbour's scientific laboratory, a completely new, innovative product for hair was created in the 1990s, consisting of 33 natural ingredients such as plant extracts and essential oils. The product became a huge success for the company - and laid the foundation stone from which the Phytorelax Laboratories brand was finally born in 2000. The philosophy of the brand is based on the idea of understanding beauty in a new way. The product series are not only based on natural ingredients, but are also intended to bridge the gap between man and plant and create a special kind of well-being.

One of the first Phytorelax series was the Bach Flowers line, which emerged from a collaboration with well-known experts in traditional and non-conventional medicine. The Bach Flowers line perfectly combines the concept of cosmetics and the well-being of body and mind and is still one of the most popular series of Phytorelax today. Further innovative cosmetic lines have been created since then, in which nature and science have also been perfectly combined. At the heart of the development of each new line is a thorough and careful study of the individual characteristics of the plants offered by nature. In the course of time, popular lines such as the olive, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter series were created.

The values of the brand

The values of the Phytorelax brand are based on several pillars. On the one hand, the brand stands for the effectiveness of natural ingredients that are supported by cutting-edge technology and scientific research. Each cosmetic formula represents the balance between nature and effectiveness, well-being and ecological sustainability. Behind the brand and the individual cosmetic lines is a research team of chemists, microbiologists and herbalists who have succeeded in developing formulations that contain more than 98% natural ingredients.

100% Made in Italy - Phytorelax products are developed and produced in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, just a few kilometres from Bologna, from product to packaging. This guarantees systematic control and quality throughout the production process.

Furthermore, the brand consistently refrains from animal testing from the outset, prefers the use of renewable raw materials and also attaches great importance to environmentally friendly aspects: the company uses local suppliers wherever possible in order to reduce CO2 emissions, avoids secondary packaging wherever possible, uses environmentally friendly PET or glass packaging and uses environmentally friendly FSC® paper for all its printed matter.

The right series for every skin type

Italy's leading natural cosmetics brand finds a targeted solution for every skin problem. The range now comprises around 20 lines, each based on an active ingredient. All products are created in harmony with nature, are 98 percent based on natural ingredients and contain no SLES, parabens, silicones, mineral oils or dyes. Care can be so natural!