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Peeling & Masks

Facial masks and peelings

Masks and peelings for the face are an important part of facial care and cleansing. Peelings remove dirt pore-deep and free the skin from dead skin cells. Masks nourish the facial skin extensively and supply it with important nutrients. Masks and peelings provide for a smoother, more beautiful skin and thus for a radiantly beautiful facial skin.

Peeling or mask - when to use what?

A facial peeling serves primarily to clean the facial skin. It has a clarifying and refreshing effect. With the help of small peeling particles, it frees the skin from sebum deposits, impurities and dead skin cells. Facial peelings support the skin in its natural function of regeneration. They also contribute to a finer, smoother complexion.

A face mask can have different effects. So-called Peel-Off masks have a similar effect to a facial peeling and contribute to skin cleansing. Then there are also moisture masks, wellness masks, anti-aging masks, anti-stress masks and many more. These masks care for the facial skin and ensure a radiant, supple skin - and pamper you with relaxation and well-being.

How to use a face mask correctly

Step 1: Before applying the mask, it is important to thoroughly cleanse the face so that the active ingredients of the mask can penetrate the skin optimally and unfold their full effect. It is therefore essential to remove make-up residues and other dirt from the skin prior to treatment with the mask. For optimal preparation of the skin for a face mask, cleansing with a facial peeling, for example, is recommended.

Step 2: After cleansing, the mask can be applied evenly to the face. This can be done either with the fingertips or with an applicator. The eye area is completely cut out.

Step 3: Then let the mask take effect. Depending on the product, the reaction time usually lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. More detailed information can be found on the packaging of the respective face mask. The best way to use the time is simply to relax.

Step 4: Removing the face mask is as easy as applying it. Peel-off masks are usually removed from the face as a whole. All other face masks are usually simply washed off with lukewarm water or removed with a cosmetic tissue.

Facial masks and peelings for every skin type

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