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Felce Azzurra Paglieri

Felce Azzurra - The traditional brand for body care, laundry & household

Products made in Italy! Felce Azzurra is the classic and traditional brand of the Italian company Paglieri and includes not only body care but also household and laundry products. The brand is known for its distinctive and inimitable fragrances that provide a pleasant sense of well-being.

Felce Azzurra translates as "blue fern". Characteristic of the brand's products is the typical blue colour, which conveys a feeling of calm and cleanliness. The fern, as an evergreen plant, symbolises the unique and unmistakable fragrance, which is composed of several hundred ingredients from all over the world and whose formula remains secret to this day. The secret formula is handwritten in a notebook that has always been passed down from generation to generation by the Paglieri family.

Felce Azzurra's experience now goes back over 140 years and the selection of high-quality ingredients has earned the brand a worldwide reputation for quality, tradition and sophistication.