New arrival: The Scenterpiece® System from Yankee Candle

ScenterpieceSo easy - the Scenterpiece® System by Yankee Candle

Open flames in the living room are undesirable? The room fragrance should be changed quickly and easily? Yankee Candle has the solution!

Because with the flameless Scenterpiece room fragrance solution, changing fragrances has never been easier. The elegant and practical system consists of the Easy MeltCup Warmer, an electrically powered fragrance lamp, and the Easy MeltCup, a heat-resistant cup that contains the fragrance wax.

The application is as simple as self-explanatory: plug the heater into the socket, switch it on, remove the lid of the Melt Cup in the desired fragrance, insert - done!

The cups emit a wonderfully pleasant scent after only a few minutes and give each room a special atmosphere. Changing the scent is a matter of seconds. Because the wax does not have to cool down, nor is it necessary to clean the lamp - simply easy!


  • Works without an open flame
  • Timer with 3 steps
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Quick change of Easy MeltCups

We at dambiro love the Scenterpiece Easy MeltCup System from Yankee Candle because it immerses our rooms quickly and easily in an intense scent and we can change the scents easily according to our mood.
Click here for the Yankee Candle Scenterpiece.