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Nazareno Gabrielli perfumes

Fragrances of Nazareno Gabrielli
Nazareno Gabrielli, a wealth of "knowledge" in the world of accessories, the designer house for leather accessories, which was established in Tolentino in Italy in 1907, offers perfumes as well as leather goods.

The designs of the house Gabrielli have a distinctive style and always represent elegance. New trends are interpreted in a timely fashion and the brand remains timeless.

A distinctive style, the tradition of a timeless brand.
The color is light, it is important to energy.
The colors are vibrations emit energy that affects our mood, our actions.
And it is the color, the dominant theme of this new collection of perfumes signed NAZARENE GABRIELLI Nazareno Gabrielli

The fragrances of Nazareno Gabrielli are characterized by a stimulating and dynamic freshness which they receive through a series of notes such as citrus fruits, fresh and lively arrangements of wood and tobacco. In the heart they become aromatic with mint, mimosa, lavender, sage, tarragon and cardamom.