Seduce with neat nails and great colors

A perfect make-up also includes beautiful and well-groomed fingernails and toenails. Above all well-groomed and styled fingernails are important because they are practically the first impression that will be left when you give someone a hand. In addition, it is important to have nice fingernails at the workplace, especially if you have direct contact with customers, they also like to look at the hands and thus the fingernails.

Tips for painting the nails

With these tips the application of the nail varnish can be done by hand. A perfect result when applying nail varnish is incredibly important for the overall appearance of the nails.

1. Clean and degrease the nails

First remove nail polish from the nails and free them from cream and other grease, otherwise the nail polish will not last. A nail polish remover is suitable for both. When applying the nail polish remover, always wipe it from the nail bed to the nail tip, as nail polish remnants will otherwise get into the nail bed and lead to inflammation.

Important: Do not take a bath or hand bath before painting, as this causes the nails to swell. Later they contract again and this can lead to the splintering of the nail varnish.

2. Apply basecoat

Apply an undercoat after cleaning the nails. This varnish serves as a protection for the nails and also compensates for minor unevenness. In the case of strong unevenness, such as longitudinal grooves in the nails, there is a special groove filler, which can be used as a base lacquer. The undercoat or protective varnish also ensures that the colored varnish is more effective and, above all, that the nails do not accept the color of the varnish.

3. Apply a color varnish

After the undercoat is dried, you can apply the colored nail polish. It is important to note that the nail varnish should not be shaken, since small vesicles may form due to the shaking, which can lead to irregularities and rapid spalling of the nail varnish. To mix the paint better, you can roll the varnish between your hands. This also leads to the lacquer being made more liquid by the heat and easier to apply.

Always wear the color varnish from the nail bed to the tip. It is best to use three brushstrokes, one in the middle of the nail and one on each side of the nail. In order to achieve a perfect result, two to three layers are required for dark lacquers. Make sure that each layer is well dried before applying the next.

Particularly with dark paints one sees patzer very, even if they are only very small. To correct this, you should have a small stick, such as a cotton swab soaked in a nail polish remover, so that you can correct minor flaws immediately.

4. Apply top coat

To finish the varnishing of the nails and for the perfect finish apply an overcoat. This fixes the paint, protects it against scratches and chipping. It also gives the nails a beautiful shine.

Tip: If your nails appear dull after a few days, simply wear a new layer of overcoat, which immediately gives your nails a shine.

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