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Moisturizing care for the face

Moisturizing care for the face

Moisturizing care for the face is part of daily facial care. Sufficient moisture ensures a smooth, smooth skin. By external influences it can be that the skin can not properly regulate its moisture content and thus needs support in the form of moisture care products. With the right moisturizing care you give your face a fresh and radiant complexion.

Why is a skin moisturizer important?

The skin stores water naturally and is therefore normally well hydrated. External influences can cause the skin to dry out. This in turn leads to a dull, matte aspect of the face skin and to small wrinkles, since the skin is no longer so plump.

A moisturizing care for the face helps the skin from the outside the necessary moisture and helps to save it. In addition, a moisturizing facial cream helps in repairing the skin barrier and restoring the lipid layer.

The facial skin with the right moisturizing regains fresher, more radiant, plumper and smoother.

The right moisture care for every type of skin

When using the face care product, make sure to use the right product for your skin type. There are different moisturizers, which are designed for very dry skin and have a strong refatting effect. Then there are moisturizing products that are more suitable for mixed skin, since they have a lighter texture.

The right time for moisturizing
It is best to apply a moisturizer in the evening before going to bed. Overnight the skin has enough time to absorb the cream and is assisted in natural regeneration.
In addition, a moisturizing after the application of peels and other skin cleansing measures is advisable, because the skin is then particularly receptive to the active ingredients and furthermore by the cleaning treatment necessarily moisture needs.
Before application of make-up, a strongly re-greasing moisturizer is not recommended, as the make-up can then smudge and does not hold properly. Before the make-up, you should therefore use a cream with a light texture, which provides moisture but does not grease.

Buy the right moisturizer

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