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Moisturizing care for the face

A moisturizing day care for the face should be an integral part of the daily care ritual. Because sufficient moisture ensures a supple, smooth and beautiful complexion. Due to external influences, it is possible that the skin cannot regulate its moisture balance properly and therefore needs support in the form of moisturising care products. The right day care ensures a fresh and radiant complexion - all day long.

Why is a skin moisturizer so important?

The skin stores water in a natural way and is therefore normally well hydrated. However, external influences can cause the skin to become dry. This makes the complexion look pale and dry skin often feels unpleasant, tight and itchy. Wrinkles also form more quickly with dry skin, as the skin is no longer so firm.

A moisturizing care for the face supplies the skin with the necessary moisture from the outside and helps it to store it. A moisturizing face cream also helps to repair the skin barrier and restore the lipid layer. With the right moisturising care, facial skin appears fresher, more radiant, firmer and smoother - and this also increases general well-being.


The right moisture care for every skin type

When moisturizing your face, make sure you use the right product for your skin type. There are various day creams that have been specially developed for very dry skin and have a strong moisturising effect. Then there are moisture products that are more suitable for normal and combination skin because they have a lighter texture.

The right time for moisturizing

Moisturizing care for the face is best applied after cleansing the face and, if necessary, after applying a peeling, as the skin is then particularly receptive to the active ingredients and the skin also needs moisture again after cleansing.

Before applying make-up, a moisturizing cream with a strong moisturizing effect is not recommended, as the make-up can then smear and not hold properly. Before applying make-up, you should therefore use a day cream with a light texture that moisturises the skin but does not leave it greasy.

Buy the right moisturizer

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