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Mascara for a perfect look for the eyes

Mascara is part of the perfect eye make-up and ensures a perfect look.
There are a few simple tricks so that you don't have to worry about lumps or sticky eyelashes when applying mascara:

Less is more: Especially at the beginning, when the mascara is still new and full, quite a lot of mascara sticks to the brush when you pull it out of the container. In order to get rid of the excess mascara, many people brush the edge of the opening with a brush. However, it is better not to do this, as the ink can thus be distributed unfavourably on the brush. It is better to brush briefly over a paper cloth.

Just don't pump: Many have the habit of moving the brush back and forth a few times before they pull it out of the container. However, this movement causes air to enter, the mascara dries out more quickly and lumps form as a result.

Zigzag is the solution: To prevent the eyelashes from sticking, apply the mascara with a slight zigzag movement. In this way the hairs are separated and do not stick together. If they do stick, a lash brush can be used to separate them.