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Martin De Candre Savonnerie

Traditional craftsmanship from France

The French brand Martin De Candre has been lovingly handcrafting soaps and perfumes since 1974.

The history of the brand began in 1970, when farmers Dominique and Rosine Dauge settled in the French village of Fontevraud L'Abbaye in their family estate. In addition to farming, the two were looking for an additional line of business and met André Chapuis by chance, who was a chemist specialising in soaps. It took Rosine years to learn the craft of soap making from him and to become an expert in this field herself. With ingenuity, patience and strength, they built up the small family business that their daughter Hélène now runs. Influenced by the old tradition of soap making, the company flourished by integrating the requirements of the modern cosmetics industry into its manufacturing process, thus giving the small business a modern future.

The preserved know-how of the small family business is still used today to produce soaps according to the traditional Marseille method and true to the tradition, using only vegetable ingredients. The craftsmanship of the company begins with the weighing of the ingredients and ends with the packaging of the products. Thus, the company produces high quality products with great craftsmanship, which are created with love and care.