Multi Vitamin A+C+E 8 Items

Multi Vitamin A+C+E

The vitamin boost for the skin

The concentrated power of vitamins! The Multi Vitamin A+C+E care line from Phytorelax is a real vitamin boost for the skin. The range is based on fresh juices from oranges, carrots and lemons, from which the three important vitamins A, C and E are extracted, which are particularly important for health and beauty. The fresh juices used for the series are obtained through a centrifugation process that preserves the vitamins unchanged and allows them to be used for the skin. The care products of the series are particularly suitable for dull, mature and stressed skin. The products help to strengthen the natural barrier function of the skin and give a luminous and radiant complexion.

All Phytorelax products are in harmony with nature and the Multi Vitamin A+C+E series is based on 98% natural ingredients. The power of nature in the service of beauty is used perfectly.