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Lip Make-up

Seductive lips with the right make-up

Seductive lips, a red pout or the subtle nude look - with the right lip make-up exciting highlights can be set and a whole look can be defined. Lip make-up is definitely more than just applying a little lipstick.

Matt or shiny, gaudy or nude

Lipsticks are now available in all possible variations. The classic lipstick has long been kept company and so one has today the agony of choice. In addition to liquid lipstick, which promises extra long hold and a matte effect, there is the glossy version, the lip gloss. In addition, there are lipsticks in almost every conceivable colour, from gaudy to subtle to nude or even black. Whether one prefers the classic look with lipstick, prefers glossy gloss or favors the newer version of liquid lipstick - it's up to personal preferences to decide. Just like the colour. But the lip make-up should of course also match the outfit and the rest of the make-up.

What do you need lipliner for?

And then there is the lipliner - some swear by it, others ignore it. Do you really need a lipliner? No, you do not need it. Does a lipliner have advantages? Definitely! Because with a lipliner leakage of the lipstick can be prevented. If lips are tightened with lipliner before applying lipstick, it will later retain the lipstick and prevent it from wrinkling around the lips.
However, the lipliner should always be the same colour as the lipstick used with it. In addition, you should only follow the edge of the lips and never draw beyond. Incidentally, the lipliner can also be used to fix the lipstick.

This is how the lipstick lasts the whole day

So that the classic lipstick is not the first sip on the glass away, there are some tricks to make the lipstick last longer.

First, as in make-up generally, the lips must be cleaned. It is best to rub gently over the lips with a soft cloth to remove dead skin cells. Then apply a lipliner on the whole lip area. The lipliner should be the same colour as the lipstick you apply afterwards. The lipliner as primer stops the lipstick and ensures that it stays where it belongs.

To make the lipstick last longer, the trick with the powder helps. For this either baby powder or face powder can be used. First, you should cleanse the lips after cleaning with a balm or something similar. Then apply a thin layer of powder on the lips. Afterwards the lipstick can be applied. By pressing a tissue between the lips, remove excess lipstick from the lips. If almost nothing remains on the cloth, take a fresh tissue. Best a very thin or only one or two layers of the cloth. This is pressed gently on the lips and powdered again with a brush over it. This gives the lipstick the ultimate hold.

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