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Everything for the right lip care

The skin of the lips is particularly thin and delicate, which is why it has special requirements and also requires special care. It is therefore important not to forget the lips during daily facial care. For beautiful, smooth lips there are a variety of care products that protect the lips from environmental influences such as cold, sunlight or dry air. The right lip care ensures a seductive smile with velvety soft lips.

Various lip care products

Lip Care Stick: The consistency of the lip care stick is firm and very rich. It greases the lips on which a slightly shiny film of grease remains. The lips are hydrated and cared for. Some lip care sticks also contain colour pigments, which provide a slight shimmer or soft tint on the lips. Others are perfumed and give the lips a seductive scent.

Lip Cream & Lip Balm: The lip cream or lip balm is softer and creamier in consistency. The cream or balsam is absorbed quickly but still effectively nourishes and hydrates the lips. A lip cream or lip balm is ideal to care for the lips before applying make-up.

Tips for the right lip care

The lips should be cared for daily to avoid brittle, dry and cracked lips - especially in the cold winter season.

A lip care product is best applied before going to bed. Overnight, the skin has time to absorb the nutrients of the care product and supports natural regeneration. Before applying the make-up and the coloured lipstick, the lips should first be treated with a lip balm or lip cream.

In summer you should also protect your lips from the sun and UV rays. Because lips are always exposed to the sun, it is important to protect them from harmful rays. Many lip care sticks and lip creams have a sun protection factor and UV filter. These lip care products are perfect for the summer.

But be careful: UV protection is also important in winter. Because when there is snow and the sun is shining, the snow reflects the sun's rays and even then you should protect your lips with a sun protection factor - especially in the mountains.

Finding the right lip care products

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