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Le Blanc Soap

Made in France - Lovingly designed products from Le Blanc

Picturesque products! The company Le Blanc was founded in 1994 in the French region of Normandy - very close to the village of Giverny, where the former home and gardens of the painter Claude Monet are located. Le Blanc's products catch the eye with their lovingly designed packaging and contain only the best perfumes from the world-famous perfume city of Grasse. The result is an elegant range of fragrances that positively influences well-being and adds a certain magic to any home.dambiro

The brand's soaps are made from 100% vegetable oils, are refined with shea butter and are produced according to old craftsmanship in Provence. The lovingly designed metal boxes of the small soaps are true collectors' items and perfect for collecting, for giving as gifts and make beautiful eye-catchers in the bathroom.

With their unique fragrances, the scented sachets add an individual touch to any living space and create a special feel-good atmosphere.