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Lamazuna - Sustainable cosmetic products with a mission

Colourful, beautiful and lovingly designed - this is how Lamazuna products catch the eye. And behind the loving look there is also a great mission that will please environmentally conscious customers. The natural cosmetics manufacturer Lamazuna has set itself the goal of producing high-quality beauty products while at the same time avoiding packaging waste. Lamazuna has a wonderful vision: Each of us should produce less waste. And for this vision, the brand leads by example.

Lamazuna prefers to manufacture solid cosmetic products for which no plastic containers are required and thus conserves resources during the packaging of its products. Products such as the solid shampoo or the solid cocoa butter are packed in a cardboard box that can be easily recycled.

In the small village of Belleville-sur-vie in France you will find the headquarters of the friendly label, whose products are mainly handmade in Paris. Besides the mission to avoid packaging waste, the products are also produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and are developed according to the strict standards of vegan production. And at Lamazuna, the products consist of materials that have either been recycled or can be easily recycled.

For the production of its sustainable products, Lamazuna uses raw materials from controlled organic cultivation whenever possible and attaches great importance to fair working conditions. The company donates 2 percent of its profits to projects that benefit either the environment or the people who work to extract the raw materials.

This is exactly what makes the products so special and unique, because they are not only environmentally friendly, but also pursue a beautiful mission. Organic, fair and vegan - the Lamazuna brand stands, according to its own statement, for high-quality natural cosmetics that protect and harmonise people and nature. We at dambiro think this mission is great.