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Kringle Candle Scented Candles

Stylish scented candles from Kringle Candle

Like father, like son! Michael Kittredge II poured his first candle from wax crayons on an antique cooker in 1969 at the age of 16. The candle was intended as a Christmas present for his mother. Within a year, the stove became the heart of a small but fast-growing company: Yankee Candle. Michael Kittredge reformed the candle landscape in the following years and brought many innovations to the market. In 1998, he sold his company to retire. At least that's what he thought.

In 2008, his son Michael Kittredge III (Mick) created scented candles for a marketing course at university. Mick paid the same attention to the quality and detail of his candles as his father had done. Building on his father's years of experience, father and son had a vision for the future and by October 2010, Kringle Candle Company opened its doors in Bernardston, Massachusetts. Today, Kringle Candle is the leading manufacturer of exceptional, white, intensely scented candles that complement any style of home.

Kringle Candle's mission and focus is to cast high quality candles with beautiful design and excellent customer service. Thus, with Kringle Candle, the Kittredges continued their candle-making tradition.


Why white candles?

With their characteristic white colour, Kringle Candle candles harmonise elegantly with any decoration. No matter which fragrance or candle type, the lovingly crafted candles simply match any interior style. And even better: the 100% dye-free candles are coloured only by pure scented oils and shine in the brightest white light. But best of all, the Kringle Candle scented candles fill every home with long-lasting and authentic fragrances and create a very special atmosphere.