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Kapitän Ohlsen Beard

Kapitän Ohlsen - Cool Natural Cosmetics Made in Germany

Sustainable, natural & handmade! Kapitän Ohlsen's cosmetic products contain only high-quality and natural ingredients that provide maximum care. The sustainable care products for beard and hands are neither diluted with water nor stretched with petroleum refinates, because they are based on pure and rich formulas. Honestly good products!dambiro

The friendly company was founded in 2016 by two friends, Lars and Martin. Since many products are manufactured in a way that the two did not agree with, such as maximising profit at all costs or manufacturing at the expense of the environment and employees, the two wanted to break this pattern with their company. At the beginning, their products for beard and hand care were more or less produced for personal use and for their circle of friends. But it quickly developed into a company with a steadily growing crew. The two company founders are proud day after day to be able to offer sustainable cosmetic products with their actions and to stand up for a healthy Environment.

Kapitän Ohlsen's care products are:


  • sustainable - The two company owners are committed to keeping their ecological footprint as small as possible. Therefore, every step from production and distribution to marketing and packaging is checked for sustainability and social compatibility. The products come without unnecessary packaging and plastic in order to conserve resources. As the products are manufactured in Germany, there are also no unnecessarily long transport routes.
  • natural - The natural cosmetic products consist of 100% natural raw materials. Petroleum raffinates or other artificial ingredients are definitely not used, because nature provides everything needed for the cool care products. The products consist of few, but high-quality and effective raw materials. Beeswax or vegetable wax, as well as vegetable oils and fats are used. The fragrance comes from selected essential and plant oils. Because that's all it takes for healthy skin and hair!
  • handmade - The products are handmade in Germany at fair wages, which guarantees the highest quality, added value in the region and short transport routes. By the way, the products are labelled at a workshop for people with disabilities. Because inclusion is also important to Martin and Lars.

And since Captain Ohlsen has a heart for animals, no animal testing is carried out in any phase of product development. Cruelty free!dambiro